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Singlehanded non-stop around the world

01 september 2024 will Martin be going for the adventure of his life. A non-stop singlehanded sailing adventure around the world, from Norway to Norway. Non-stop means no stopping. Not touching land, not dropping anchor. No supplies will be given underway, all food, drinks and all spare parts will be carried onboard. From Norway the trip goes over the north sea, north of Shetland and into the Atlantic ocean. Where the compass needle will be pointing South until the westerly winds is found again. Around 40 degrees south. Odin will then be pointing east for the next 5 months. Passing south of South-Africa, Australia, New-Zealand and South-America. Not before the old path is crossed and an great circle is drawn at the globe, will the course be altered and finally be set back north towards Norway again.

Ruten rundt jorden

30 000nm 300 days

The trip will be around 30 000nm. Depending on where the wind will take us. It should take between 250 and 350 days. Odin will be carrying food and water for 400 days. 14 Different sails and diesel for around 250 hours. So Odin will be fully packed. Odin carries no watermaker, all water will be carried from Norway. Even though he is set up to collect rain water at every possibility. There will be no weather forecasts. Only the use of barometer and reading the skies. For Navigation Odin is equipped with modern technology such as chart plotter, AIS, VHF and Radar. But chart plotter and radar will only be switched on for emergency purposes. Navigation will be done the old fashion way with paper charts and sextant.


Odin is and true bluewater sailer. Build for the open ocean. High displacement and with an long keel with transum hung rudder.
LOA: 10,06m (33fot)
Beam: 3,1m (10fot)
Draft: 1,7m (5fot)
Deplacement: Bare steal and ballast 9 tonn. With interior and full tanks 11,5tonn

What Odin got:

Autopilot (that steers like and drunken sailor)
Furling headsail
Trysail with separate track
2 spinnaker poles
ca. 10 kw heat
Sea berths on SB and port side
4x100w solarpanels
20A vindgenerator
690AH AGM batteries
Chart plotter, AIS, VHF, Radar

What Odin doesnt have:
Pressurized water
Satelitt tlf for telephone and internett/weatherforecast
Hot water



Det vil være en stk YB3 satelitt tlf ombord. Denne tillater tracking samt sending av enkle tekstmeldinger. Det vil bli holdt daglig tracking på denne siden. Samtidig som det postes korte tekstbaserte oppdateringer en gang i blandt.

Verkstedet som kommer til deg!

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